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Posted on 02/14/2017 by James

February 14, 2017
We are pleased to share the the retreat theme for 2017. Walking Each Other Home ~ How to Bring Our Spiritual Values to the Challenges of Today’s World Click here to find out more about the 2017 retreat.

February 14, 2017
James updated his blog Leading a Noble Life with a story that you might find helpful.

December 20, 2016
James just updated his teaching schedule

December 20, 2016
James has redesigned and updated his Leading a Noble Life one-on-one personal mentoring program. Find out more about the program by follow the link below:
About the mentoring Program

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Teaching Schedule

Posted on 12/20/2016 by James


2017 Schedule

March 17-19, 2017
Spiritual Renewal Retreat & Sunday Services in Visalia, CA hosted by the Visalia Spiritual Awareness Center. Please contact the Center for details or to register for this event by calling (559) 625-2441.

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Walking Each Other Home

Posted on 08/19/16 by James

Mentoring for Dedicated Seekers
Are you ready to stop just thinking about your own spiritual realization and to commit to the personal effort to do the inner work to genuinely embody the spiritual teachings that you already have come to know and intellectually accept? Then this program may be the path that can provide you with the inspiration and support that will allow you to make the journey to the deeper self realization and embodiment of your spiritual values and to give birth to a new level of authenticity, personal freedom and a deeper more consistent love for all humanity.

What Can the Program Offer Me?
• A uniquely personal approach designed to deepen spiritual knowledge and personal insight for the seasoned traveler on the path
• A collaborative one-on-one practice of mindlessness, deep listening & sacred trust that creates a safe place for the student to share, be heard and to then receive spiritual guidance specifically related to the student’s area of interest
.• A vehicle for gaining deeper insights into one’s own karmic journey and to see more clearly the causes for the life experiences that are manifesting in one’s life experience
• A vehicle for gaining mastery of awareness and the ability to consistently think, speak and act from one’s own deepest spiritual values & beliefs
• A collaborative one-on-one practice to support you in not just having a good life, but a Noble Life

To find out more details about the program follow the link below:
About the mentoring Program

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